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Frameline's mission is to change the world through the power of queer cinema. As a media arts charitable nonprofit, Frameline connects LGBTQ+ filmmakers to broad audiences in the Bay Area and around the world:

Exhibition. Founded in 1977, the San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival ("Frameline") is the longest-running, largest and most widely recognized LGBTQ+ film exhibition event in the world. Mark your calendar for Frameline46, arriving June 16-26, 2022. Frameline also presents year-round exhibitions, including Frameline Encore, a free film series highlighting diverse, socially relevant works.
Distribution. Established in 1981, Frameline Distribution is the only nonprofit distributor that solely caters to LGBTQ+ film. In 2008, we launched Youth in Motion, a program that provides free LGBTQ+ films and curriculum resources to middle and high schools in all 50 states.
Filmmaker Support. Since 1990, more than 150 films and videos have been completed with assistance from the Frameline Completion Fund. Once completed, these films often go on to receive international exposure.

We've come so far. We still have far to go.

Arts organizations nationwide sustained devastating losses during the COVID pandemic. Of the 50 states, California was hardest hit, with San Francisco’s extended arts community absorbing major impacts.

Frameline is grateful for the support we received from our donors during the biggest financial crisis of our 45-year history. Through 2021, your contributions enabled us to keep every single one of our programs alive and thriving.

Support Frameline's continued uplifting of queer cinema by lodging a generous, tax-deductible contribution today. Please help to ensure the continuity of Frameline's centering of LGBTQ+ stories and voices, this year and for years to come.

New in 2021: As a token of our appreciation, receive a gift with your donation! Film downloads and vintage tote bags available while supplies last.

"On the heels of the 2020s, there continues to be an urgent need for LGBTQ+ films and filmmakers to have institutional forms of support to get our work funded, exhibited and distributed. Frameline has been that go-to institution for us for over 40 years. We need to make sure that Frameline continues to thrive and remain vital for an entirely new generation of LGBTQ+ filmmakers and audiences." ~ Cheryl Dunye, Liberian-American film director, producer, screenwriter, editor, and actress

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