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In 1901, Franklin Settlement became one of the first settlements established in the State of Michigan. The settlement movement began in England in the 1880s, as a way of addressing the impact of rapid industrialization. Settlement houses became the focal points for the settlement movement by providing a stable location within the community for services. Volunteers and staff members of settlement houses were encouraged to live and work among the populations they served, while offering food, shelter, and basic education, in addition to programs such as block clubs, art and music classes, and daycare. The settlement movement was predominately developed and fostered in the United States by women such as Jane Adams and Ellen Gates Starr who founded Hull House in Chicago and who trained others in the rudimentary areas of settlement work. The movement quickly spread across the country and helped to create a marked improvement in housing, healthcare, and the social needs of the working class and immigrant communities. 

Today, Franklin-Wright Settlements continues its mission of improving the lives of those individuals, families, and seniors. Since the global pandemic COVID-19, Franklin-Wright Settlements has kicked its operations into high gear. 

Every day, more than 120 Franklin-Wright  Caregivers make in-home visits to seniors who are sick and alone during the COVID-19 health crisis. Because of the need, some of our caregivers insist on making these visits to aid seniors without the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protection in place. Without their continued service these seniors would not receive the proper care, comfort and attention required to keep them safe and well. And, for some, it is the only visit they receive. 

In addition to healthcare, Franklin Wright regularly provides food and other essentials for children, families and seniors. This is work that must continue. Give to Franklin Wright. The community needs your help during the pandemic. Please don't let anyone suffer alone.

Can we count on you to support us as we  continue our mission? 

As we continue to provide services to the community, we need your help! The global pandemic, COVID-19, as created a greater demand for services on our agency. Specifically, access to healthy and nutritious meals for the community, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our critical healthcare workers, and sanitation supplies and cleaning services for our various service locations. 

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