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The Freedom Library helps Yuma residents understand the real meaning of Individual Liberty and the Freedom Philosophy in order to make a better, more peaceful world for all of us. 

In it's endeavor to accomplish its mission, the Freedom Library offers books and multi-media to be checked out for personal use, and is available as a meeting place for small groups.  

The main thrust of the Freedom Library's mission is the Freedom Library Education and Scholarship program.  This program helps local students and others to earn scholarships to further their education while they learn and understand the Freedom Philosophy and the value of Individual Liberty.

The Freedom Library Education and Scholarship program teaches the United States Constitution, as originally written by our Founding Fathers, based on their ideas of Individual Rights.  

The program also teaches the economic ideas of Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt, Frederic Bastiat and Leonard Read.  Their ideas reflect the political philosophy supporting the United States Constitution.  The Freedom Library Education and Scholarship program focuses on the real function of government and the key role individuals play to promote greater peace and harmony in the world through human action and trade.

All proceeds raised go support the Freedom Library Education and Scholarship Program.  

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