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Our History: Founded in 1995, Free Speech TV is built on a model of community support and interaction. Our viewers are not passive television viewers, but active members of our community. We are not beholden to corporate interests and are not reliant on advertising. Our programming includes Democracy Now!, Al Jazeera English, The Thom Hartmann Program, Gay USA, and the David Pakman Show. We also air independent documentaries like Gashole and Billionaire’s Tea Party. 

Free Speech TV has also proudly provided live coverage of some of the nation's biggest events. We reported on the 2011 protests in Madison, Wisconsin with our friends, The UpTake. We brought you some of the first live coverage of Occupy Wall Street, and we're still covering this game-changing movement. 

Many people hear the "TV" in our name and think we’re just a TV station. We’re so much more. Working for ourselves and our viewers gives us the freedom to remain on the cutting edge of technological advancement. Besides airing on both DIRECTV (Channel 348) and DISH (Channel 9415), we have been streaming videos at since 1997. We have partnered with over 250 public access stations to provide our content free for communities in search of independent media. In 2010, began a 24/7 web broadcast. Starting this year, we’re also one of the first 25 media networks to partner with the ROKU streaming box service.

We’re a network powered by the people.

We are Free Speech TV.

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