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What Friends Clients Have to Say...

"Friends made me stronger, Friends allowed me to see the light, without Friends I would have returned to my abuser, Friends helped me learn so much about myself, with Friends I didn't feel crazy anymore."

"How lucky and fortunate I was to find this wonderful resource to help me through the darkest of days until I could love myself again."

"I can honestly say that without the nonjudgemental guidance to help me prepare for leaving.  I would still be walking on egg shells and living like a prisoner of war."

Written by a 14 year old - "It was scary leaving our home and when I got to the shelter - I think it was the first time I can ever remember feeling safe.  Even now anytime my sisters and I are afraid we ask to go to Friends shelter.  Friends has helped my family in many ways.  I hope kids never have to live the pain we did."

"Coming to shelter was a scary time for me.  I didn't know what I was facing.  Before talking about the shelter you need to know about me.  I am a diabetic who cannot work and depends on my husband for everything, so I stayed an lived with the fear and abuse.  On December 27th, I walked away from my home, my medical care, my financial supporter, and abusive husband.  I was hurting, afraid, and beaten down not only physically but emotionally and mentally.  I came to Friends.  The staff was supportive and patient.  I made my own decisions and didn't have to make them right away.  They gave me time to heal."


Fast Facts:

Program type:  Provides emergency shelter, crisis management, support services, and prevention education for individuals and/or their children exposed to domestic and/or sexual violence.

Location:  Washington County, Wisconsin

Number served in 2014:

  • Responded to 1,079 callson the 24 hour crisis line.
  • Provided 4,487 nights of safe shelter.
  • Paid out over $8,000 from general funds to assist victims with transportation costs, medical costs, AODA treatment, and basic living needs.
  • Paid out over $25,000 in rent assistance dollars to help victims establish self sustainable independent living.
  • Co-advocated for victims with law enforcement 463 on domestic violence incidents.
  • Provided 125 sessions of prevention education to 3,295 youth.
  • Provided emergency legal assistance and family law representation to 298 unduplicated individuals.
  • Facilitated 103 sessions of art therapy for children exposed to violence.


Your gift will offer hope, healing, and harmony to those currently living a life of fear and intimidation.

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