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Friends of Burma was founded in 1985 by Dr. Neil and Diana Sowards of Ft. Wayne Indiana.We are a unique Missions Organization in that all work and administration in the United States is done by volunteers. 100% of money donated goes for Christ-Honoring projects and support of various Christian organizations in Burma (Myanmar). 

Our mission statement

  • To receive, administer and distribute money on behalf of the people and Christians of Burma for charitable, religious, educational and economic development programs.
  • To initiate programs that would be helpful to the people and Christians of Burma.
  • To locate and supply items such as books, seeds, plans, etc. that are requested by the leaders of Burma or might be useful to them.
  • To strengthen existing institutions, schools, orphanages, libraries, and other organizations that are devoted to the good of the Burmese.
  • To encourage the Christians of Burma by visits.
  • To minister to Burmese theological students studying outside of Burma. To also aid students who are studying other subjects, such as music, computer science, and agriculture, outside the country of Burma.
  • To make Americans aware of the needs of the Burmese.
  • To solicit funds to meet the needs of the Burmese.

Friends of Burma is not political. All money collected goes to help the Burmese because one person underwrites the administrative costs, promotion, and overhead. This overhead is less than 1% of the money raised. ($1.00 for each $100.00)


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