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It is evident that FOCC has had a profound and beneficial impact on the lives of many of the people it has touched. Here is some of the feedback FOCC has received from appreciative participants:

  • “Thank you for purchasing the reading machine. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated. The reading machine is truly a blessing and an asset in allowing me the ability to read again. Friends like you continue to make the world a better place.”
  • “Friends, we would like to take a moment to thank you for the money contribution from you to pay for Bob’s TTY. With this special phone this allows Bob connection to our family. This whole gift from you makes things a lot easier for us while we’re away from home.” “We would like to thank you for the monetary donation you gave toward our plane ticket. It has greatly helped our stress level since we have had to go from two salaries to one.” “I want to take the time to let you know how much I needed and appreciated your loving kindness with the check you assisted me with. Being unable to work for the past 9 months really put me behind with my obligations. God spared me from losing my home and I am forever grateful.”
  • “I always thought my life has been so difficult since my eyes have had conjunctivitis and I have been all alone since my husband died. I have been proven wrong by your decision to help me with my rent. I did not think it possible and I still can’t believe it.”
  •  “Thank you very much for the donation to help me pay for the extremity pump. I really appreciate friends like you especially in times like these. I only hope that someday I too am able to return the favor.”
  •  “Please accept our sincere appreciation for the funding you so generously gave to pay for airfare for my daughter and I earlier in the fall. Your caring certainly eased the strain during a most difficult time for our family. Our son continues to struggle with his health but draws strength from above.”
  • “I would like to thank the friends for paying my mortgage this month. I was off work for several weeks due to illness and was unable to keep up with my bill. Now I don’t have that worry hanging over my head. Life seems easier now. Thank you again.”
  • “Over the past many years, I have solicited your help for families in crises both over their child’s medical needs and the desperate financial state they find themselves in as a result. Each time, you reviewed their applications rapidly and with professionalism. There are not’t adequate words to describe the relief that parents feel when they can focus 100% on their sick, often terminally ill child and not on whether or not they will have a home, water, or electricity to return to. Your work cannot be commended enough. Thank you for all the families that you have helped in the past and for those you will assist in the years to come.”


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