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Every voice matters, every child deserves to be heard. No child deserves to have their childhood disrupted as a result of molestation, sexual exploitation, physical abuse, shaken baby syndrome, child homicide, drug endangerment, kidnapping or witnessing domestic violence.

Children just want the abuse to STOP, it is up to the rest of us to do something about it. Together we can make a big difference in the life of a child and help them restore their childhood. 

Through The caring support from donors, the Friends of The Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center has served as the philanthropic conduit providing essential funding so that child victims of crime can experience healing and justice. The Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center has served as a beacon of hope and healing for 1,600 child victims of abuse each year since 1991.  This award-winning program has empowered child victims ages 17 and under to feel safe to speak up and shatter the silence of abuse. The “best interest of the child” is the guiding philosophy and a variety of services are provided or coordinated on behalf of the victim through ongoing advocacy, crisis support, expert medical care, and referral to counseling and ongoing support as the case proceeds through the legal system.  Through the compassionate and caring staff, children find the courage to testify in court as a witness if needed to bring abusers to justice.  


Testimonials from children:

“Thank you for treating me with such patience and respect when I was there. I'm glad there is a place like that for kids who have been through stuff like I have. I wish there didn't have to be a place like this but I am thankful that there is because if people would stop abusing kids then there would not have to be a place like this. :)”  ~ message from a 13-year-old girl

“I will never ever forget all the people who helped me, I was in real danger” ~ Message from a 10-year-old girl

“Thank you for listening to me” ~ Message from a 7-year-old boy


Testimonials from parents:

Parents consistently rate our program as outstanding and that their child is doing much better after receiving services at our program.  

Success story:

The mother of a 6th-grade boy called to say thanks for all that we did to help her family six years ago and now they wanted to give back to the Children’s Justice Center.  Her son still remembers being very scared at first, but once they got to the Children’s Justice Center everything turned out to be a positive experience because everyone was so nice.  He still has the stuffed animal that he got from the program and it is very special to him.  Her son is doing great now is even the student body president at his school.  He expressed a desire to give back to the Children’s Justice Center through volunteering so that other kids in the same situation will not be afraid.  He created a collection drive at his school and at his church group to obtain items on our needs list and was proud the day he came back to the Children’s Justice Center to donate the items to benefit the children we are now serving. The mother was very thankful, and through her tears said they would do anything for us. 

“There is nothing worse in life than losing a child or having a child molested by someone you trust. In my opinion, if this is what my tax dollars are paying for then tax me to death because we could not have gotten through this traumatic experience without the help of the Children’s Justice Center”. ~ Message from a parent

 Supporting The Friends of The Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center means you are joining thousands in giving a voice to children when they need us most in life.

The program relies on donations from individuals to provide extensive services and resources to help 1,600 child victims of crime each year.


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