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"I remember looking back, many a weekend in jail, crying to the Lord, “give me a chance to be a good mom.” Only it would come with my surrender, in His time and IT CAME! I also, will never forget the Galilean Home. At that point in my life, I NEVER believed I would be able to be a mother again and then you stepped in! Suddenly, I had an option outside of adoption, which with a previous son I had to choose. I asked myself, “Could I possibly be a mom again?” The Galilean Home said, “YES YOU CAN.” and God showed me this was His plan for me. Through you, I could take hold of that plan and I did! I maintain a very close relationship with two employees there and so the Galilean Home hasn't just assisted me with my baby because God is the base of it, it's a much larger dynamic than that! I gained my son, two wonderfully-supportive friends from the Home, a family and a testimony! My husband, Gerardo, has been blessed by this as well and has always expressed thankfulness and desire to one day give back to those who gave him a son and, ultimately, a family he never dreamed he would have."

- Natalie Resendiz, "Born Free" mom '04-'05

Galilean Home Ministries is a non-profit, mission oriented organization, functioning in a collaborative community environment, with one purpose in mind: Helping those that need help; loving those that need love. Without knowing the love and security of a family, their faith and confidence have been shattered. We will, with honesty, integrity, and great privilege, provide children of all ages, from one day old to “children in their 50’s and beyond”, with love, care, medical attention, education, employment, and recreation. We do this in a family-oriented setting, making all who come under our care feel as though they belong to something bigger than themselves. We emphasize that all members of our organization work together to accomplish our common goals. We feel that, through sharing each other’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, all will benefit and flourish.

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