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A 12 year old girl came to Gateway.  She had been sexually abused by her mother, father, brother, and uncle...all within her own home.  Everyone who should have been protecting her was molesting her. 

She couldn't trust the adults at Gateway...adults hurt her.  She couldn't trust the other kids at Gateway...her own brother was molesting her.  She couldn't trust anyone.

The Gateway staff noticed that she had a tremendous artistic talent, but if you complimented her on a drawing, she would destroy it saying, "I can't do anything well."  That is what she had been told her whole life; and she believed it.

With a lot of help from caring professionals and with a great deal of effort on her part, this little girl grew up to make miracles.

Miracle #1 - She is now an adult, happily married, and the mother of a little boy.  She is able to give love and receive love, when she never before knew what love was.

Miracle #2 - She no longer destroys her art. She sees the value in her art and in herself.   Her paintings have been displayed in the Birmingham Museum of Art and one sold for more than $50,000. 

Miracle #3 - That little girl, all grown up, comes back to thank the people who helped save her life.  She has learned to trust and to accept the help that others can give.

Thanks to you and people like you, we make miracles like this at Gateway every day.  We not only give hope; but we also give the tools children and families need to achieve their goals of safe, healthy, and happy lives.

We are proud to serve communities in Birmingham, AL and Jefferson County as well as Shelby County and Huntsville and Mobile.

We offer a variety of counseling services, including family, divorce, relationship, debt, and domestic violence couseling.  We offer residental, independent living, transparenting and foster care programs.

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