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The General Butler Vagabonds Junior Drum and Bugle Corps is celebrating its 50th year of providing music education and leadership skills to youth in the Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. The corps, based out of Butler, PA has seen thousands of young adults pass through its doors over the years and watched many go on to achieve great things beyond their years with the organization.

Most recently, the corps has been performing at local events while building the membership base and providing training and skills development to the corps. After several years of these activities, The Vagabonds are looking to take the next step in the corps rebuilding.

2016 is finally here and we are planning to return to our competitive roots after a 16 year absence! The corps is looking to compete in DCI - Soundsport activates this summer and plans to attend and perform in the Soundsport Championships in Indianapolis in August of this year.

The membership is very excited about this new challenge and is working to increase the size of the corps at each and every rehearsal. We have the energy, passion and desire to start this uphill climb and to perform at levels many of them have never had the chance to experience!

However, the equipment that the corps owns is dated and in disrepair. The drums are over 25 years old and the bugles are even older. Many of the instruments need replaced to allow our members to have the greatest chance at success and to continue to build our ranks.

We also currently own no mallet equipment, tenor drums, or matching flag poles for our color guard. Our horns have broken parts and cases and many are in need of repairs to keep them operational for the kids. The uniforms are also out-dated and falling apart and we would like to provide them with something a little more updated as we return to the field of competition.

If you have ever participated in a drum and bugle corps, you have a good understanding of the positive effects the activity brings to it's participants. We wish to facilitate similar experiences to the current great group of young adults who make up the current roster for the corps, 

We are looking for donors who wish to help us achieve our goals of a viable Junior Drum and Bugle Corps in this area. As a one time DCI powerhouse, the corps is heading towards greatness once again but needs to raise the funds to replace and repair our equipment.
Your donation will go this gofundme page will allow us to realize this goal.

We are asking the public, or any former drum corps members if they would help "pay-it-forward" by making a donation to the group in any amount possible. These funds will be used strictly towards equipment repair and replacement.

The General Butler Vagabonds are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization so any donations you make could be tax deductable. As always, we suggest you contact your tax advisor to determine the tax deductibility of your gift.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and any donation you can make. The current members of the General Butler Vagabonds cannot thank you enough for your support of the corps!


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