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The Georgia Music Foundation, established in 1994, supports programs of music education, preservation and outreach. The non-profit organization spent its first decade partnering with the Georgia Music Hall of Fame museum to cultivate its collection of artifacts and media. In 2006, the Foundation, along with Fred W. and Dinah Gretsch, endowed the Joseph R. Johnson Fellowship in Regional Music at the Center for Public History, University of West Georgia. After the closure of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, the Foundation donated its expansive collection to the University of Georgia Special Collections Libraries for permanent stewardship. Since 2015, the Foundation's annual Georgia Music Grant program has awarded nearly $500,000 to deserving music projects at schools, after-school programs and summer music camps statewide, as well as provided support to music preservation programs including the documentary, "Robert Shaw: Man of Many Voices" and the CD project, "Cabbagetown Chronicles."

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