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Hay House is an 18,000-square-foot mansion built between 1855 and 1859 for Macon entrepreneur William Butler Johnston. It was designed in the Italian Renaissance Revival style by New York architect Thomas Thomas and was far ahead of other mansions of the day in its refinements and technological innovations. 

Because of its architectural and technological significance, Hay House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. In 1974 the House was named as a National Historic Landmark, and in 2000 it was named an American Treasure. 

In 1977 the P. L. Hay Foundation conveyed the Hay House to The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.  The Trust is committed to its careful maintenance, authentic restoration, and accurate interpretation.

Hay House was closed due to the pandemic, but reopened in July 2020 following strict safety protocols.  We have limited the number of visitors into the House for tours and have had to cancel our fund raising special events.  But work continues on the house.  In addition to the repair and restoration on the Seasons of the Vineyard Window, we are currently engaged in the process of having the elaborate and extensive wood trim on the House repaired and repainted.  

We are asking for your contributions to aid in the restoration of the House.  The estimated costs of this project is $200,000.  Any amount you care to give, large or small, will be genuinely appreciated. 

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