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Giraffe Laugh currently has 550 children on the waiting list aging out daily before they have a chance to attend a quality setting that will ensure school readiness. We plan to take as many of those names off of our list as possible this year and we need your help! 

Children who attend quality preschools are more likely to graduate from High School, earn higher incomes and be proficient in math and reading by 3rd grade.

Why is this important? Because future prison populations are based on third-grade reading levels.

A child who enters kindergarten prepared to learn has greater success throughout their lives.  They are 4 times more likely to graduate from college and 5 times more likely to own a home by the age of 27. The greatest gains are made by children living in poverty.

Giraffe Laugh serves families of low incomes and operates a center that serves pregnant and parenting teens.  Children and families are both nurtured and supported through the early years using Strengthening Families philosophies and quality early care and education for children and adults alike.

Giraffe Laugh has 5 Star quality centers that contribute to our community by providing access to our services through our scholarship program.  Additionally important is feeding children healthy and abundant meals along with providing food pantries at each of our four centers.  

Extra curricular activities, teacher training and parent classes all round out our primary services that promote healthy, happy and successful kids and families right here in Boise and beyond.

To become an important part of our work, please help us fund a classroom for a child in need.


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