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The story of GIRLS TOWN/OR CHADASH is the story of people who care. A group of individuals determined to succeed, of caring and concerned people willing to help and most of all, of children being given the chance to translate their hopes and dreams into reality.

For the past forty eight years, the staff at Girls’ Town Or Chadash has worked tirelessly to build a future for Israel's unfortunate youth. At Or Chadash, no child is turned away. Girls who are often malnourished, unkempt and despondent find refuge in the warm haven Girls' Town has created.

These girls are welcomed into the "Or Chadash Family," where they are provided with a warm, supportive, home atmosphere and a high caliber education.

21% of the children at Girls’ Town/Or Chadash are orphans. Another 49% have a family income well below the poverty level. 16% of the children come from broken homes and 19% can marginally cope. Many have been abused or abandoned by their parents or caretakers. For over forty years we have committed ourselves to turning this hurt and pain into strength, courage and well being. At Girls Town/Or Chadash, we work around the clock to provide the girls with a superior education, emotional support, and a place that they can call home. We take the children of today, and turn them into the leaders of tomorrow.

Girls Town Or Chadash has been able to fulfill the needs of its 300 residents for over 40 years. Over the years we developed a rapport with a cadre of people like you who have graciously and loyally assumed the responsibility of supporting the students at Girls Town Or Chadash. 

Girls Town Or Chadash helps with: 

  • Shelter/Dorms for 300 students.
  • Curriculum that encompasses: Adult Education; Vocational Training Language Arts; Computer Lab, Art, Music, Drama, Fashion Design, Sports.
  • Continued Education through Grants.
  • Assistance with low-cost housing.


We keep our doors wide open to all. At Girls Town Or Chadash, there exists a unique opportunity to bring children of all backgrounds together and today such opportunities must be seized and expanded. 



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