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Who we are: The Global Heart Network Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization committed to global community service through bridging gaps between patients and families residing in under-serviced regions of the world to the cardiac care that they need.

Our mission: To achieve a world-class standard of healthcare in order to combat preventable and treatable cardiovascular diseases by connecting independent efforts and initiatives with people in need.

Our vision: To create a vast and efficient worldwide community by establishing a network of doctors, patients, hospitals, and NGOs via an online platform. We believe that the key to prevention and treatment is easy access to education, services, and resources.

GHN is the humanitarian hub for cardiovascular care and patient empowerment. Our primary goals are to:

1. Increase collaboration and partnerships between cardiac care providers through the creation of an up to date database of CVD Hospitals and Community Clinics in low and middle-income countries.

2. Empower patients and caregivers to be the voice of cardiac care.

3. Foster sustainable cardiac care in regions through collaboration and trainings with local healthcare providers and authorities.

4. Streamline the treatment process with a one-stop standardized database of referral forms for an intuitive pathway of care.


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