Goddard-Riverside Community Center

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For Aleim, Goddard Riverside was the means to restore his life - helping him leave the streets.

For Kirti, Goddard Riverside helped her do the impossible - achieving her dream to attend college.

For Carmen, Goddard Riverside provided companionship and care.

Goddard Riverside helps children, teens, adults, families, and homeless men and women find the tools they need to face life's challenges.

For Aleim, finding the path from homelessness to a home also led him to find employment, helping him to regain the life he'd lost living on the streets.

For Kirti, seeing her family struggle just to keep a roof over their heads made going to college seemed impossible. Through our Options program, Kirti was able to go on to college, where she now studies to be a doctor.

For Carmen, a single elderly woman, finding Goddard Riverside's Senior Center helped her find companionship among her peers - and when she became too debilitated to leave her apartment, Goddard made sure she still received meals and regular check-ins.

Every year, 17,300 people find help and hope through Goddard Riverside. We are community!

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Goddard-Riverside Community Center

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