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“Golden Retrievers are professional puppies."

GRRIN was founded in 1991 and provides a network for sheltering, rehabilitating and finding loving homes for Golden Retrievers in distress.

For more than 20 years GRRIN has worked to place over 1,000 dogs in wonderful “furever” homes. All of our work is carried out by volunteers who give their time to transport dogs, screen potential adopters, man our phone line, and open their homes to a foster dog that will ultimately be adopted by a loving family.

Why does GRRIN need donors? The majority of our funds cover veterinary expenses - approximately $15,000 for the 40 dogs we fostered in 2014. That's $375 per dog! GRRIN was able to pay for spay and neuter procedures, testing and monthly medications for dogs with allergies, Addison's and Cushing's disease, along with treatment for dogs with heartworms, epilepsy, and thyroid imbalance. In addition, monthly heartworm and parasite prevention are administered to each foster dog along with annual vaccinations and a microchip. Eleven of our foster dogs were eight years of age and older, classified as seniors.  We are extremely grateful to have the resources to care for these Golden oldies with loving foster homes and the ability to cover all of their medical expenses so they can live comfortably in their later years.

GRRIN also provides public education about responsible dog ownership and, in particular, about the Golden Retriever breed via our newsletter and website. GRRIN offers forums for Golden Retriever fanciers to meet. GRRIN supporters share their knowledge and experience and trade those all-important stories about their dogs. Who but another Golden owner can appreciate one’s fondness for that special dog? Occasional social activities, public meet-and-greets, and the annual Gold Rush carnival include our dogs and give members and friends a chance to try new skills, display special talents and just have fun.

This is a Golden opportunity to unleash your generosity! Our goal is to raise $5000 to help us cover vet expenses accrued earlier this year.  These include a trip to Iowa State to diagnose adrenal problems, ongoing treatment for a foster dog with cancer, and the ability to care for two senior dogs that will remain in foster homes indefinitely.

The financial security that GRRIN offers to our foster dogs allows them to get the medical, dietary or training care required for their special needs. These Goldens would not have a second chance at a high quality life if GRRIN was unable to step in and provide the resources to make it happen.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras




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