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Koko knows more than 1500 signs and understands and reads English!  Watching Koko with her kittens has given countless people pleasure, but it has also taught us that Gorillas care, love, laugh and have fun! Our closest cousins are empathetic, kind, and caring.

Caring for Koko has opened windows onto her world and enabled us to change hearts and minds. Poachers in Africa who have become bio tourist guides, school kids who no longer take these beautiful beings for granted. Conservation through communication.

Talking to the animals has long been a human fantasy - Koko makes this a reality. The first time I met Koko she asked me to show her my nailpolish and my lipstick and she told me I should wear a barrette - I have fine flyaway hair! Surreal to take fashion tips from a gorilla!

Koko makes people care - we hope that she can help to make people care enough to save these beautiful, critically endangered primates from extinction.

Koko is an Ambassador for all of nature! 

Please help her to save this planet.


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