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John Buck and Monika Megyesi, co-founders of Governance Alive, LLC, shifted their focus in 2020 from being primarily a consulting organization to focusing on creating training programs that will ensure highly qualified professionals will be able to learn sociocracy at levels that will allow them to truly transform society. Recognizing that many who desire to transform society sometimes lack the funding to invest in their own training, John and Monika have teamed up with Governance from Below, a sister nonprofit organization whose mission is in alignment with their own. 

Through this fundraising platform, prospective students have a means by which they can seek support from their peers to help them fund their learning a new skill which will in turn positively impact the communities they share, whether in person or online. A percentage of every donation will be retained by Governance from Below to help them spread sociocracy worldwide. 

Participants who have attended the free 2-hour webinars offered by Governance Alive are also invited to contribute via this site to support the mission of transforming society through sociocracy training.


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