Grace Place Inc a Crisis Pregnancy Center

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Grace Place Pregnancy Center has been in existence since 1991 to affirm the value of life by providing a network of care to those experiencing pregnancy related crisis by compassionately presenting biblical truth resulting in changed lives to the glory of God.

We have served the community under different names as fits events at the time:  Autauga Crisis Pregnancy Center; Grace Place: A Crisis Pregnancy Center; Grace Place Pregnancy Center; and soon to be River Region Pregnancy Center.

The free and confidential services we provide are:

  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Limited Ultrasound Services
  • Peer Counseling
  • Alternatives to Abortion
  • Post-Abortion Healing Retreat
  • Earn While You Learn incentive classes
  • Men's Fraternity Incentive Program
  • Baby Clothing and Materials
  • One-on-One Support for Each Woman

"She came into the center and cried in the waiting room after filling out the paper work.  She was still teary eyed as she followed the client advocate to the room.  It was hard to answer the questions the woman was asking because all she wanted to know was if she was pregnant and how far along she might be. 

She hadn't told anyone she was coming here.  She just knew she couldn't have a baby.  This could not be happening to her.  She was a good girl.  She started crying again.  She just knew her mother would kill her.  Her sister had a baby and wasn't married to the father.  The whole family had been embarrassed.  And now, here she was repeating history.

As she told her story to the kind woman, she felt a real understanding without judgment coming through her words.  Now she was talking about Jesus.  The girl knew all that stuff because she had gone to church most of her life.  Right now all she could think was, 'I can't be pregnant, I can't be pregnant, I can't be pregnant...'

Now it was time to give the sample for the test.  It's done.  The few minutes of waiting for the nurse seemed like an hour. 

More questions.  'If your test is positive, what do you plan to do?'  She hadn't thought about anything else for days.  'I can't have a baby!' she blurted out.  'I can't hurt my parents again, like my sister did.  My boyfriend dumped me when I told him I might be pregnant.  I am going into the service in two weeks and I can't be pregnant.'

She cried some more when the test was positive.  She had to have an abortion.  The woman showed her pictures explaining how the baby looked inside.  Wow, she didn't know there was a heartbeat at six weeks, which is how far along she was.  She did not know what to do.  She knew an abortion was wrong, but she felt like she had no other choice.

They made an appointment for an ultrasound in two days.  The girl didn't think she would come back.  She didn't need any more guilt heaped upon her.

But, all the things the counselor had told her began to swirl around in her brain, especially the part that her mother wouldn't kill her.  Her sister was still alive.

More tears when she told her mother.  Her mother was disappointed, but supportive.  She even said she would go with her to the ultrasound appointment.

The baby is alive!  There is the heartbeat! She cannot go through with an abortion, but she wants to go on with her life.  The counselor had given information about adoption.  It is very different than what she had thought.  She and her mother decided to make an adoption plan for the baby.  She would even get to choose the parents for her baby and get updates from them through the years.  The service even agreed to delay her enlistment until she had the baby.

This isn't the end of her life, but the beginning of a new life.  She found out from the counselor that God forgives sin and loves her.  She gave her life to Jesus that day."

These are the stories we hear every day.  The Board of Directors, the staff, and the volunteers at Grace Place Pregnancy Center are called by God to change the lives of the women and men who are facing unexpected pregnancy, and to save the lives of the babies.

The majority, 80 to 90%, of the women who see an ultrasound of their baby will choose life.  Your mother chose life for you.




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