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GCRC serves the communities of Safford, Thatcher and Pima through our Recycling/Donation Center and Thrift Store.  We recycle approximately 45 tons of paper and plastic per month and sell $16,000 per month of donated clothing, books, baby and household items.  This provides a foundation of supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities and/or physical limitations that include group supported employment; adult and child day programs; life skills training in a person's home and social activities throughout the year. 

Individuals with developmental disabilities are placed by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.  Currently GCRC serves 43 adults and 12 children in life enriching services.

New programs for GCRC are the afterschool program for youth from 5 to 21 years of age.  In addition, GCRC is partnering with the local high schools to provide group supported employment to their high school students who have a developmental disability to transition from school to work after graduation.

Krysta's Story...Krysta is a beautiful 25 year old young woman who happens to have severe autism.  Once you meet Krysta you will never forget those beautiful blue eyes that shine with hope.  Even though Krysta has some challenging behaviors and limited verbal communication, she has so much to offer.  When Krysta finished school, her family was concerned about what the future would hold.  Krysta was hired on at GCRC's Recycling Center.  With the help of a one-on-one aide, Krysta sorts plastic containers and cuts rags for the mines.  Krysta's mom Karrilyn said, "Krysta needs to be doing something or her behaviors increase."  Krysta's father Kerry said, "This program helped us to see that there are other people in the community who can help or work with Krysta, and that we are not alone." 



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