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The Greater Alabama Council, Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1913. From the beginning our council has delivered quality programs centered on character development, citizenship, and personal fitness set forth by our National Congressional Charter. Through the years our program has grown to serve youth and teach them the values and skills they need to succeed in life.


The Greater Alabama Council serves over 40,111 youth in partnership with 831 units that are sponsored by community schools, churches, civic clubs, and institutions in 22 counties in North Alabama. Through Scouting youth learn values and life skills, which help them, reach their full potential, while helping other people. Over the Thanksgiving holiday James R., a scout from a local troop, used skills he learned in Scouting to save the life of his 4 year old cousin who fell into a lake while fishing. James jumped into the lake feet first, spoke to his cousin the entire time he was in the water, and swam up behind him to rescue him. He then lifted him out of the water where an adult could pull him out. Several youth were present, but James was the one who saw the emergency and saved a life. The value of the skills that James used to save his cousin’s life is immeasurable. 


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