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Who We Are:

Since 1972, Greater Springfield Senior Services has enabled tens of thousands of elderly and disabled individuals maintain their well-being and independence in the community. We do this by providing assistance and access to a comprehensive range of services throughout our 12-town service area.

 Some of the Ways We Help:

We offer peace of mind to the adult daughter who lives three hours away by helping her frail elderly mother with personal care, grocery shopping and housekeeping.

We provide a hot, nutritious lunch five days a week for an elderly widow who lacks the energy to cook for himself.

For older adults who have difficulty managing their finances and balancing their checkbooks, we alleviate the anxiety of having unpaid bills and letters from creditors through our Money Management program.

When families are notified their relative is being discharged from the hospital the following day, our Case Managers are there to help arrange in-home services.

We help an 84 year woman whose grandson is helping himself to her limited finances.

We connect older adults, caregivers and professionals with the resources and services needed to help address their issues and concerns.

We give nursing home residents a voice through our Long Term Care Ombudsman program, serving as advocates to ensure their rights are respected. 

Why Your Help is Needed:

With the elder population growing larger and living longer, services such as ours are stretched to the limit. They rarely meet all the needs older adults face as they become increasingly frail.

Please help us provide solutions that will continue to
foster comfort, care and dignity, while offering programs and services that encourage independence and meet varying needs.

After all, what we as a community do today, will have great
impact on the care older residents--ourselves and our loved ones---receive in the future.

Thank You!

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