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The Green Gecko Project supports 32 families who previously lived and begged on the streets of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Green Gecko empowers these families to reach their full potential - by providing security, education, love and opportunities to their children through their formative years and into their adult lives - and to their families and the broader community through long term health, education and social enterprise initiatives.

Thanks to the generous support of our partners at GLOBAL LEARNING FOUNDATION, we are able to offer you this simple, fast and totally secure way of donating to the Green Gecko Project. It is the most efficient way for our US friends to support us.

GLOBAL LEARNING FOUNDATION is a great supporter of our project here in Cambodia. Your donation is needed, appreciated and well spent - thank you!

Much Gecko gratitude,

Tania, Rem and all the Gecko kids, families and crew

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Green Gecko Project


International Children & Family Community


Tacoma, WA

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