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Mission, Vision, Values

The mission of Holly Ridge Center is to create opportunities to empower people with disabilities to reach their fullest potential.  Our vision is to create an inclusive community where we learn, work, & play together.  Our values are Respect, Inclusion, and Compassion.  


Holly Ridge Center serves people with developmental delays and disabilities in two primary program areas, the Infant Toddler Program-Birth to Three Early Support Services and our Adult Employment Services Program. 

The Infant Toddler Program is the only neurodevelopmental center in Kitsap and North Mason Counties; we provide relationship-focused early support services to families with children, from birth to three, presenting with one or more developmental delays or who are medically fragile. Holly Ridge Center provides these critical services for all children that need them, regardless of the family’s ability to pay.

Nested within ITP are our growing autism services. Holly Ridge Center is an Autism Center of Excellence and has worked with the State of Washington to provide technical assistance for Birth to Three service providers. We are one of only a few early support centers that provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. Our recently created Autism Resources Navigator position is one of only four statewide, placing it on the cutting edge of Autism Spectrum Disorder support in our region.  

Families like Olivia’s are thriving. At Olivia’s fifteen-month doctor’s visit, her parents had concerns that Olivia was not verbally communicating. Her pediatrician recommended an evaluation for early support services and suggested Holly Ridge Center. The family reached out to the Family Resource Coordinator who assisted with navigating paperwork and answering questions for being approved for an evaluation. On the day of the evaluation, Olivia’s mom was overwhelmed because her other child was sick. Holly Ridge Center’s Family Resource Coordinator and Speech Language Pathologist quickly offered a solution to switch to a virtual appointment so the evaluation could take place. The recommendation was to have a Family Trainer come to their home to assist in teaching Olivia how to communicate. Her journey with Early Support Services has just begun, and the entire family looks forward to seeing the impact that Holly Ridge Center will continue to have on Olivia’s development! 

The Adult Employment Services (AES) program supports competitive, integrated, person-centered employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Naomi started services with Holly Ridge Center through the School-to-Work program in her last year of high school. Naomi secured her first job at Henery Hardware, where she is responsible for stocking, facing store products, and maintaining cleanliness. Since last year, she has added one more day to her work schedule. Her manager shared that she is always on time, is very organized, works hard, that everyone enjoys working with her. Naomi has a new sense of independence and is proud to work in her community. The Holly Ridge Center Adult Employment Services team strives to assist all individuals, like Naomi, in finding meaningful employment by utilizing the principles of person-centered planning and personal choice. 

Your financial support will help: 

• support critical services for individuals experiencing developmental delays and disabilities regardless of ability to pay 

• provide support and services for adults with disabilities to develop skills and gain access to tools, preparing them for meaningful and lasting employment of their choosing. 

• support continued growth in providing more accessible services using technology for virtual appointments, telehealth, communication devices, and other tools of assistive technology.   

• support innovative supplemental activities that provide families with a needed connection to the community and resources for the journey beyond Holly Ridge Center such as: 

        o Virtual Social Playgroups 

        o Web Based Education Pages 

        o Autism Resources Navigation   


Thank you! Your generous support of Holly Ridge Center ensures all people can live to their fullest potential.

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