Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, NC

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Habitat for Humanity of Wake County has since 1985 joined with individuals and local organizations to build simple, decent, affordable homes in partnership with families living at modest income levels who cannot qualify for mortgages at market rates. Habitat for Humanity helps people build and buy their own homes. It works by creating opportunity, not dependency. The Habitat homeownership program - which includes hands-on home construction, affordable mortgages and classes to empower heads of households - creates stability for families. Explaining the stability of homeownership, John Cramer, 2006-2008 president of the board of directors, board of directors for Habitat Wake said: "The 'need' we're answering is affordable housing, but the 'dream' being fulfilled is creating places for families to put down roots," said John Cramer. Qualified partner homeowners make an investment of "sweat equity" building their homes alongside volunteers, pay a down payment then purchase the homes through no-profit mortgages provided by Habitat Wake. Habitat families enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of any other homeowners.

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Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, NC

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