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Hacienda Inc. traces its roots to 1967 when a single woman by the name of Ilene Butler became a foster parent for 3 intellectually disabled children who had been abandoned by their families. Ms. Butler was a loving and caring woman who wanted to provide a home for children that no one wanted. She advocated for the welfare of the children when state agencies would not allow needed surgery for one of them named Cindy. Cindy had hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid in the skull that leads to swelling in the brain. Although Ilene finally won her case for surgery, Cindy died at 4 years old. Ms. Butler turned her grief into a passion to help as many children as she could. With the help of her attorney, Ms. Butler incorporated Hacienda de Los Angeles  as a successful nonprofit. The name was later changed to Hacienda Inc., an affiliate of Hacienda HealthCare. As needs grew, family, churches, friends, and volunteers helped physically and financially to raise money to purchase land and build the first building in South Phoenix.


Many of the children who are referred to Hacienda come because of a horrible accident, a near drowning, a debilitating disease, child abuse and a host of other tragic events. A large percentage of Hacienda’s patients are on ventilators, which assist them in breathing, and receive nutrition through feeding tubes.  The goal for medical treatment is to get the children as strong and as healthy as possible so they can go home to be with their families.  Children tend to flourish when they are home and around loving family. Hacienda provides training to teach families how to take care of their children. Hacienda also provides at home services for children when they go home.


In circumstances where families are not able to take care of their children or are wards of the state, Hacienda becomes the home for these children. Ms. Butler’s vision of providing a home for abandoned disabled children has never stopped. With a loving and caring staff of employees, Hacienda brings a home-like atmosphere where staff becomes family. Many of the residents have been with Hacienda a number of years.  


Starting from humble beginnings with 3 children, Hacienda HealthCare and its affiliates now serve over 1200 patients and residents every day throughout Arizona. Can one person make a difference? Yes, and what Ilene Butler started has left a legacy that proves it. You may not be an Ilene Butler, but every gift whether small or large has a positive impact on the lives of children, teens, and young adults with the most severe limitations


Thank you for your generous support. 

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