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Hacienda Involved Parents and Staff (HIPS) is the parent-teacher group at Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet School, a K-5 school in the San Jose Unified School District.  HIPS is a volunteer-driven, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 

Our school is a magnet school, which means it attracts students from all over SJUSD.  Our student body is very diverse and includes 18% ESL (English as a Second Language) students.  Our students also come from a wide range of economic backgrounds; 28% of our students receive free or reduced lunch.

Annually, HIPS raises and spends around $200,000 on art, science and music programs for our students.  We fund 100% of the cost of a full-time music teacher position so that all 720+ students at our school can have music instruction once a week.  HIPS also partially subsidizes the 5th grade band, an optional extracurricular activity which meets after school once per week.  Concerts and singalongs are held throughout the school year, and the students’ confidence in performing and their love for music grow year after year with each performance.

HIPS is in the process of funding portable technology in each of our classrooms.  Our goal is to have at least ten (10) Chromebooks or iPads in each classroom over the next two years.  This will enable our teachers to use a blended learning model in their classrooms, where small groups of students at a time may use technology to learn at their own pace.

Another of HIPS’ funding endeavors is a program called Recess 101, which helps our students feel safer and more included at recess.  We are nearing the end of our first year using the program, and we are already seeing significant improvements in student behavior and readiness to learn after recess periods.  We would like to continue offering the Recess 101 program, but it is a significant portion of our budget (over 12.5%) and we are faced with making difficult budgeting decisions in order to continue funding the program.

Funds we raise through Silicon Valley Gives will be deposited into our HIPS General Fund, which will help us pay for Recess 101, Art Vistas, instructional supplies for our teachers, our fabulous science program (which includes volunteer-led gardening for all students), field trip scholarships, our amazing music program, and more enrichment for our students.

We would be very grateful for any and all support.  Thank you!


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