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After a cancer diagnosis, it only takes about 10 minutes of surfing the Web to find yourself caught in the riptide of either too much or too little information. Scattered resources and exhausting medical-speak make it hard to outrun the undertow of panic.

To counter-balance this perfect storm of unpreparedness, confusion, & overwhelm, it’s time for a break point online that organizes existing cancer info & resources as it enable survivors & co-survivors to share been-there-done-that wisdom, ideas & inspiration.

Hayven::org is leveraging Web 2.0 capabilities (social media, blogging & crowdfunding are just the tip of the iceberg) to help newbie survivors & caregivers achieve calm in the eye of the storm following a cancer diagnosis. Faster, with fewer wipe-outs, better balance, sustained focus, and smoother rides. So individuals & families can navigate the twists & turns of cancer like a pro.

Are you ready for a sea change in cancer experiences? To harness the wisdom of experienced survivors & caregivers to provide a steadying hand to those rocked by a cancer tsunami? If so …


The ABC’s of Our Leadership

Here are the parts that make up the whole((someness)) of Hayven’s leadership.

OUR ACCELERATOR  ::  Whether she’s serving it up for patients, travelers, or employees, Christine Mantel is a customer-service pro passionate about making education, transition & change as insightful & easy as possible. She’s a champ at finding the shortest path to the biggest impact, and she’ll make the trip from A to Z more enjoyable than you thought possible. 

OUR BUILDER  ::  An attorney by training, Lori Donovan’s passion for justice & empowerment informs her career & her role on our board, ensuring diligence & caution in our operations & growth. This same slow-and-steady building-block acumen is responsible for her growing portfolio of renovation & investment properties.

OUR CLARIFIER  ::  Ensuring that precision, excellence & light permeate all aspects of our messaging & our business strategy is Carole Schabow’s passion. An entrepreneur for most of her career, she is Hayven’s brand manager, founding curator & as much its CVO (chief visionary officer) as she is its CEO.

Our board of directors is part Girl Scout, part cheerleader, and part Mother Teresa. All-American and all girl-next-door. Recognize yourself among us? Because we’re a lot like everyone else whose lives are changed overnight by our own cancer diagnosis or that of a dear one.

Joining Hayven’s directors in other leadership roles are: 

Bringing to bear his wealth of experience & considerable professional stature as an economist & a tireless public servant is Dan Crippen, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, founding member of Google’s Health Advisory Board (now defunct) & adviser to presidents (as well as those who would be president). Dan also happens to be one of the nation’s foremost health care experts, inspiring former World Bank president Bob Zoellick to declare “With his history in health care & medical technology, there’s no better person to guide Hayven.”

Sharing the task with Carole of developing & writing content for Hayven is published author, cancer memoirist & speaker Joni Rodgers, a maven within the independent publishing world. Whether birthing her own or someone else’s story, there’s no one more generous & more nurturing to the written word & to creative expression than Joni.

Besides our experiences with coping with cancer and its losses, we’re also united by a shared commitment to alleviate needless suffering; to create efficiencies & empowerment; to maintain the highest standards of excellence and of fiscal & ethical responsibility. We’re all generous, funny, inclusive, and ready for more.

Are you ready for more too? Do you want to be part of our grassroots solution?

Well, then, dive in! The water’s warm!

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