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Imagine you walk into work one day and your boss tells you that the business has gone under and that you no longer have a job.

Imagine that you have 4 kids, a mortgage and minimal savings.

Imagine that your family lives 600 miles away and your parents are in a nursing home.

Imagine the bills piling up and no money left to pay them.  Your kids are hungry and you are using your last loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter to feed them.

You don't know what to do or where to go.

That is where the Hebron House comes in...

Hebron House of Hospitality provides HOME, HELP and HOPE for those facing homelessness in Waukesha County.  We currently operate 3 shelters, and 12 permanent supportive housing units.  Also, we have several programs to help our guests while they are in our shelters or apartments.  We have been serving this population for 32 years and are the largest shelter in the county.  We are constantly amazed with the need for this type of work, especially in a vibrant community like Waukesha.  In 2014, we served 682 clients, 286 were children.  We provided 23,469 nights of shelter.

Our impact on Waukesha and the county is much more than just moving people off the streets.  A key part of our program is case management which helps guests regain their ability to attain and maintain employment, manage their finances, regain their support network, and become a contributing citizen.   Each one of our clients meets with case management on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.    

They all have a story and they all need something different, but the one thing they all need is understanding. 

Your investment in the Hebron House makes a difference to your neighbor, your friend, maybe even your family.  Your investment makes the community a better place.  Your investment helps a human being.

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