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Guided by Jewish values and our shared history of migrations, HIAS assists Jewish and other refugees and migrants escaping violence, repression and poverty find safety and security in the United States, Israel and elsewhere; facilitates their resettlement and other forms of assistance through a network of local service agencies; advocates on their behalf at the international, national and community levels; and connects each generation of Jews, one to the other.


- Works with a network of nearly 200 affiliated Jewish agencies in the U.S. in communities that emigres can call home; Administers the federal grant programs (Reception & Placement, Matching Grant) for resettlement in the United States and monitors refugee resettlement throughout the country; Consults on immigration, resettlement and naturalization issues with communities throughout the world. - Provides information and a broad program of services at all stages of the migration process for refugees and migrants; Serves as a communications link between clients, communities of resettlement and government authorities; Advocates for fair and just policies affecting refugees and immigrants; Provides cultural orientation for those legally eligible to enter the U.S. as refugees; - Advice and assistance for prospective refugees and immigrants including creditable, timely migration information on U.S. and other governmental policies and procedures; Help in evaluating qualifications for an immigrant visa petition and aid in preparing documents (immigration to the U.S. is based on family relationships or employment); Training tools to help prepare for the naturalization exam and interview and assistance in completing the applications; - Provides leadership in the advocacy of policies and programs affecting refugees and immigrants, in consultation with the U.S. government and voluntary organizations; Monitors U.S. government activities on immigration-related issues and intervenes on behalf of migrants and the American Jewish community; Monitors country conditions for at-risk populations around the world; Educates the American Jewish community on issues of concern and coordinates advocacy efforts

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