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Your donation to High Country will help your friends and neighbors improve the quality of life for your community.  Just ask the people of Moore, Idaho.  High Country staff taught them how to develop a project plan, find resources they didn't know they had, and write grants to make up the difference.  "We knew that we needed a community center, but never thought we'd be able to find the money to build one.  The High Country staff not only convinced us it was possible, they supported us through the whole process.  Our dream is coming true.  We broke ground for our community center this spring (2014) and are planning to hold the Annual Moore Community Christmas Party there in December." - Terry Moore, Moore Community Association

Your donation can be the catalyst that helps people work together to tackle regional issues and turn them into advantages.   Here's an example:  Water is life, especially here in southeast Idaho.  We turn on a tap and fill glasses, washes clothes & cars, and waters our lawns.  We use it for growing crops and generating electricity.  It's important to our economy; drawing tourists from all over the world.  We swim, fish, and boat on our streams and reservoirs.  Yet in some years, Mother Nature is stingy.  She doesn't drop enough snow or rain, causing dought.  A group of Counties and Irrigation Companies wanted to take advantage of a proven technology (Cloud Seeding) that would "capture" more water from the winter storms.  They asked High County for help.  High Country has coordinated and managed the funds for the project since 2001.  There are now over 40 partners and the project collaborates with Idaho Power, who provides meteorologists and additional cloud seeding machines.  In the 2013-14 winter season, the project "captured" about 190,000 extra acre feet of water (about enough to totally fill and area the size of Henry's Lake 30 feet deep).  That water is stored as snow, high in the mountains, and will provide water all summer long.

More about us!

High Country is an IRS recognized (501(c) 3), non-profit organization, that is incorporated in Idaho.  We serve Bonneville, Butte, Clark, Custer, Fremont, Jefferson, Lemhi, Madison, and Teton Counties in Idaho, and the Alta area of Teton County, Wyoming.

We exist to support and educate (by doing) other non-profit organizations and community groups how to take projects from an idea to "on-the-ground" completed.  If you can dream it, we can help you make it a reality! Our people are experts in project development, planning, and implementation; money and in-kind/volunteer tracking and management; federal, state, and private foundation grant writing, grant management and reporting.

We also prove a forum for our local, state, and federal governments to work together  to make our precious tax dollars "go further" by adding private dollars to make local and regional projects happen.  Our Cloud Seeding, Coorperative Weed Management Associations, the Island Park Sustainable Fire Community, and Hold the Line Projects are good examples (see our website http://highcountryrcd.weebly.com for more information about these projects).

We "know" or "know how" to find: funders, resources, and experts your community needs to get projects off the ground and completed.  And we'll teach you how to do this yourself!

We understand that you worked hard to earn the money you're donating to High Country.  So, we make sure every dollar you donate works just as hard.  When you donate to High Country RC&D, ninety cents  of every dollar is spent directly supporting projects.  The remaining $0.10 supports the things that "keep the doors open"; insurance, office space, computers, printer, internet, phone and fiscal management.

High Country's support and educaion is provided to groups at no, or very low cost!  When you donate you help local project dollars go directly to making that project happen.

High Country Gives!  Won't you join us?



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