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COVID-19 has shut down so many places in our community, thrown families into crisis,
and exposed just how much parents with young children are struggling. 

But COVID cannot shut down the Village. 

Volunteers are still supporting families and their newborns.
Parents are there for each other through online support groups.
The Village Closet has a brand new home, and families are accessing the supplies they need.

The doors are open. Let’s keep them that way.

Have you ever said, "It take a village to raise family?"
Guess what! 
YOU are that Village!

What does the Village do?

  • You check in with families when the baby is born, and help out so the parents can recover. Whether it's doing dishes or picking up groceries, you help keep baby and mom healthy.
  • You make sure families have diapers, clothing, and essential supplies for the baby. You help them makes ends meet.
  • You keep the family connected with their community. Maybe they need to see a friendly face, or maybe they need more resources. Whatever it is, they know they can reach out to YOU for help.

YOUR GIFT will train volunteers, so no family has to parent alone.

YOUR GIFT will provide the platform for online parent groups.

YOUR GIFT will buy diapers, make deliveries, and pay the rent at the new Village Closet donation center.

You gift will keep the Village open.

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It Takes A Village

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