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"I had hearing aids, but was struggling with my hearing. A friend recomended I attend a chapter meeting. Members shared their experiences with the latest models. I have new hearing aids and hear better now."—G. Hastings

Hearing loss can be a devastating experience. Imagine not being able to understand what people are saying. Everyday activities can be very difficult:

  • Talking on the telephone 
  • Understanding the checker in the grocery store
  • Going to the bank
  • Hearing in the classroom 
  • Picking up a prescription at a pharmacy 
  • Social events
  • Staying at a hotel 
  • Hearing alerting devices: doorbell, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and timers. 

Being unsure about your ability to communicate with family, friends or at work can be very frightening, depressing and isolating. People with a hearing loss may find themselves choosing not to participate in events because of the anxiety about whether they will be able to understand. 

Parents of children with hearing loss worry about them. Will they be picked on in school, made fun of, bullied? How safe are they, if they can't hear alerting devices? Will they have a hard time finding employment and a mate?

Our organization is here to help navigate the often difficult hearing loss path. We've been there and understand. One doesn't have to be alone. 

We have chapters throughout California that are open to the public. A person can connect with others like themselves and learn about the latest technology, additional assistive listening devices and coping skills. 

Most of our chapter meetings are captioned and have hearing loops or other assistive devices to help you hear better. For some people it is the first time they've been able to understand at a meeting in years. 

Real time captioning services are expensive. Help us provide this service for people who need it. 

In addition to chapter meetings we also advocate for effective communication access, host statewide educational conferences, provide leadership training for chapter leaders and sponsor Walk4Hearing awareness campaigns. We also publish a newsletter, the Hearing Loss Californian which keeps members up-to-date about new technology, coping skills and legislative issues related to hearing loss. 

Our Members have said...

"I thought I would never be able to attend a meeting again because I couldn't understand anything and then I attended a chapter meeting with captions. I didn't know that existed." 

"I learned how to turn on the captions on my television. We now turn the television volume down."

"We successfully advocated for captioned live theatre and I attend the theatre again."

"I learned about the Department of Rehabilitation, got hearing aids and heard rain for the first time."

"I bought special smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that vibrate and strobe to alert me and now I sleep better at night."

"I got cochlear implants. WOW!"

"I learned about the free California Telephone Access Program. I can talk on the phone again."

"I created an emergency preparedness plan and feel more secure."

Help us make communication easier. Support us, by donating to Hearing Loss Association of America, California State Association and create a better experience for people with hearing loss.  


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