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The Hmong American Women’s Association (HAWA), Inc. is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1993 by a group of thirteen community women who had a strong passion to advocate, organize and share concerns reflected by women in the larger Hmong community. Today, HAWA champions gender-justice with Hmong Women, Girls, Queer, Trans and Gender-Expansive people through providing domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy support services for survivors and mobilizing community through civic engagement & community organizing to create longer lasting transformative changes for survivors to thrive, making HAWA the only Hmong Women-led and Queer-led organization in our City that dedicates all of resources to ending gender-based violence within the Hmong and local communities. 

Actively, HAWA provides the following services and programs for community:

1) Express Project : A one-stop physical space for Hmong & Southeast Asian Gender Expansive community members and survivors to access FREE non-clinal and culturally specific gender expressive essential items. 

2) HAWA QT Victims Fund: An emergency fund to support LGBTQ+  Hmong, Southeast Asian and POC survivors who are experiencing displacement from violence in Milwaukee, WI. These funds are limited and specific for supporting survivors with immediate resources such as shelter, food and transportation.

3) Queer Roots Space (QRS) : A monthly support space for adult Hmong LGBTQ+ & Gender Expansive people to connect, build and break silence to our collective experiences. Monthly QRS spaces are facilitated by HAWA's Queer and Hmong Advocates. Participants can expect fun story sharing activities and free food and beverages. 

4) Advocacy Services :  One on one case-management services to support Hmong & Southeast Asian LGBTQ+ & Gender Expansive survivors of violence. These services are provided by HAWA's culturally competent and trained advocates and they include : safety planning, coming out navigation, gender identity & culture navigation, coordinating shelter placement, coordinating social service resources, court accompaniment, emotional support and etc.

This GIVE OUT DAY for PRIDE 2023, support HAWA's Queer Justice work by donating to our Express Project. HAWA's Express Project is a one-stop physical space where Hmong & Southeast Asian LGBTQ+ & Gender Expansive community members and survivors can get FREE non-clinal and culturally specific gender expressive essential items. At HAWA, we understand that LGBTQ+ & Gender Expansive survivors deserves free and accesible gender affirming care items, being able to be who you are, and have what you need to be yourself is a right. Having gender affirming essential items are critical to LGBTQ+ and Gender Expansive people's safety. Through the Express Project, Hmong LGBTQ+ & Gender Expansive community and survivors can work with a HAWA Advocate to learn & access FREE non-clinal and culturally specific gender expressive essential items. These items includes: Binders, Gaff Wear Care, Hair Care, Breast Forms, Bras, Hmong Fem & Masc Cosmetics, Tuck Kits and more. If there are items that the Express Project cannot provide, a HAWA Advocate will work with survivors and community to get connected to the right resources to obtain their needs. Donate today to HAWA that our team can keep our Express Project stocked with FREE and accessible gender affirming care items.

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