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The Hoffman Process is more effective and long-lasting for relieving depression and anxiety, while increasing emotional intelligence and spirituality than anything studied worldwide, according to published scientific studies conducted by independent university researchers. Held in beautiful retreat settings in Napa Valley, California; Chester, Connecticut; and Berkshire, Massachusetts, the Process allows you to examine your life and your behavior and empowers you to make lasting changes.

Proven over 45 years, more than 80,000 people around the world have used the Hoffman Process to improve the quality of their lives and restore their relationships and their careers.

Principles and Benefits

Emotional learning that occurred early in our lives largely shapes our adult experiences. Whether we are aware of it or not, our very sense of self is more strongly influenced by early life conditioning than most of us ever imagine.  This includes our capacity to have happy and successful relationship, career, health and spiritual well being. The negative aspects of this conditioning produce unwanted outcomes and self-defeating behaviors in our adult lives.

The Hoffman Process teaches us how to release and resolve the persistent negative feelings of being unloved and unlovable. We examine the major influences on our lives, trace the root of the adopted negativity, and release the pain, grief, anger, shame and resentment that has been stored there for years.

The ultimate aim of the Process is to help everyone reach forgiveness and acceptance for themselves and others. This allows for a more compassionate approach to personal relationships and family life.

Whether you choose to do the Hoffman Process as a rite of passage, a journey of self-discovery or a way of laying to rest the ghosts of your childhood, there is no doubt you will experience a future different from your past.

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