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Since 1992, HCN has been providing comprehensive mental health services, case management, early childhood mental health consultation, education, aftercare, and family support services to over 2,000 homeless children, youth, parents, and providers. On behalf of a local  49-member collaborative, HCN provides a forum for networking, education, mental health referrals, and shared resources for service providers to the homeless.


HCN’s mission is to decrease the trauma of homelessness and domestic violence. We provide positive, strengths-based, family focused, culturally appropriate prevention/intervention services to children, youth, parents, caregivers, and families. HCN also works to increase the strength and effectiveness of city-wide collaborative efforts through our 49 partner organizations. Working with a network of local agencies eliminates redundant and duplicate services to the same clients. Our trained licensed professionals provide comprehensive on-site services from our 3rd Street office, and if overwhelmed homeless families can't make it to us, we go to them. Staff provides counseling, family support, education, and early childhood consultation services for homeless children, youth, and their families whether under bridges, in vehicles, at parks, schools, shelters, substance abuse treatment facilities, single room occupancy hotels (SROs), childcare sites, or public housing.



• Mental Health Therapy

• Therapeutic Family Services

• Play Therapy

• Group therapy

• Parenting Groups

• Case Management

• Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

• After Care Follow-Up Services

• Homeless Family Resource Center

• Advocacy Support

• Basic Need Services

• Holiday Support

• Collaborative Coordination & Training









Homeless Children’s Network (HCN) strives to break the cycle of homelessness by providing relevant, effective mental health and family support services to homeless children and their families from around the world who find themselves in Northern California, empowering them to overcome the limitations of their circumstances and strive for a healthy, productive future.



Words from those we serve:




شكرا لك. شكرا لكم على كل ما عليك القيام به لمساعدة ابننا والأسرة. ونحن ممتنون لكم يساعدوننا


"Thank you. Thank you for all you do to help our son and family. We are grateful you are helping us." 


-Parents of 5 year old client

 Country of Origin: Iraq





"HCN nos ayudo mucho en apoyarnos con la aucensia del papa de la familia. En un momento en que me senti sola y sin ayuda, HCN me dio apoyo para ser fuerte y saludable en un momento de crisis."


"HCN has been very helpful in supporting us when the father was absent from the family. In a moment when I felt alone and without help, HCN gave me support to be strong and healthy in such a moment of crisis."


-Parent of 6 year old client

 Country of Origin: Bolivia





"Me gusta este lugar porque hay muchos jugetes, juegos, pinturas, abrazos y mi pintura. Me gusta que me ensenaron aqui como calmarme con respiraciones."


"I like this place (HCN) because there are lots of toys, games, paints, hugs, and my painting. I like that they showed me here how to calm myself with breaths."


-6-year-old male client of Mexican/Bolivian decent

 Country of Origin: United States










“HCN imekuwa familia yangu katika nchi hii. Kila mtu anayejali na inatoa kila kitu. Watoto wangu kupendwa kuwa na uwezo wa kuzungumza kuhusu chochote bila aibu yoyote. Tunawashukuru sana.”


“HCN has become my family in this country. Everyone cares and gives everything.  My children loved being able to talk about anything without any shame.  We thank you.”


-Parent of 3 children

 Country of Origin: Uganda









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