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The Honor House is a proactive step in transitioning this generation’s Combat Wounded from the Battlefield to the home front. I am asking a call to arms for support and participation in our communities. A unification of resources, networks and support structure to meet them at the doorsteps of transition, many who have sacrificed greatly!

We are at a crucial crossroads with this generation’s returning veterans! I challenge you to recall the days of homeless Veteran’s littering the street corners all across our Nation, forgotten by a society who demanded so much! If we are not intentional in making a real change in ensuring medical treatment and proper transitional support is provided to this generations combat veterans, we are at risk of seeing consequences far greater than any other point in our Nation’s history. It is important to know that there are serious gaps in the system that is currently charged with the duties of ensuring the proper care and transition of this generation; a generation that volunteered to fight our Nation’s Battles on two major fronts. The new battlefield is at our doorsteps! We are currently trending upward in record-breaking numbers in the categories of homelessness, addiction, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Suicide amongst our Active duty and Veteran communities.

With this in mind I am asking for your participation and support in creating a proactive approach in creating a healthier transition for this generation’s Combat Wounded. To impact all aspects of transition by being a force that meets them at the doorstep with a key and all the resources of the community. A place where the resources of the community can knock on the door and be welcomed to provide in aiding with a hand up not a hand out!

The contribution’s raised are going towards seed money in creating an actual house for Veteran’s to transition to, in the Community of Phoenix, Arizona. With a goal of expanding to additional communities as we grow and the need becomes more alarming and recognized.

Our society has been greatly impacted with over ten years of conflict, and as our Veteran’s come home they are seeing the harsh reality of an economic downturn that has reached into hearts of many households across America. We owe it to this generation who has so honorably displayed the spirit of America with their Selfless Service and Sacrifice. To think forward in recognizing the real needs that will allow for a healthy productive transition that will not cast another generation back into shadows of our society. Instead be a stark contrast to an entitlement society initiated by a raising of their right hand.

“The spirit of America is coming home!”


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