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In 1990, the House of Peace was founded as a therapeutic community serving victims of war in companionship with adults with disabilities, and offering education for peace and moral awakening. Inspired by the 70-year worldwide movement of Camphill communities, the House of Peace strives to include the gifts of people otherwise labeled “handicapped” to provide healing to people in need of sanctuary. Since 1990, the House of Peace has welcomed more than 500 refugees from 30 countries. These refugees have typically lost everything, including parents or other family members, and survived extreme trauma. The House of Peace provides a healing, safe, and enlivening community for these wounded children and adults. We ensure that their immediate needs for food, clothing, shelter, security, and medical care are met. In the course of their stay, guests may participate with residents in the practical work of the household, in artistic activities such as handwork and painting, and in cultural events sponsored by the House of Peace. For guests remaining in the United States, in cooperation with other agencies and groups, we help families begin new lives through education, housing, and employment in North Shore communities and beyond. 

Most recently, our work has focused on children and their family members from war-ravaged countries seeking surgeries and other medical care in Boston-area hospitals for severe burns, amputations, and other critical war-related injuries and illnesses. At the heart of our work with refugees is companionship with people with disabilities who live at the House of Peace. The House was founded on the knowledge that people in need of special care often have a capacity to give special care. We work in partnership with many organizations that serve displaced people, people with disabilities, and the cause of ending war.

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