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Nelly is a Housing Unlimited tenant who is originally from Guyana. She came to the US to attend college training as a science and biology teacher.   After Nelly returned home after college, she was  diagnosed with a psychiatric disability.  Nelly has a large family in the United States and came back to the US to seek medical care. 

Housing Unlimited currently maintains a waiting list of 300 people like Nelly - people who are ready to live independently but need a safe and afforable place to live, people who need a kind and understanding staff to support them in their independence. 

Nelly first applied to Housing Unlimited to become a tenant while she was caring for her mother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  Nelly came to the top of our waiting list, but gave up her spot because she felt that she needed to continue to care for her mother.  Sadly, her mother passed away last year.  In March, Nelly was able to move into a Housing Unlimited home. 

Nelly really likes her new home – it is close to the library and Montgomery college – and offers great public transportation.  She is active on the tenants council, too. Nelly’s goal is to go back to teaching and tutoring and she is hoping to tutor students in biology or science at the library.


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