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HTP Homes is a 501(c)(3) minority/woman owned nonprofit organization working to lift up communities in Baltimore that have been left out during times of economic recovery. We provide skills-based construction training programs for historically underrepresented, at-risk young adults and those who were formerly incarcerated. 

The vacant houses we acquire are in need of rehabilitation and serve as on-site, hands-on training and education facilities. Trainees in the 18-month occupational skills program learn all aspects of renovating houses including demolition, framing, drywall installation, tile work, carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbing and HVAC skills. Program participants are paid an allowance with achievement-based increases to recognize and reward progress. 

Baltimore City has an estimated 18,000 young adults who are disconnected from school or work. That is one in five of the city’s young adults and the highest in the nation.  Eighty percent of all males in federal and state prisons did not finish high school, and one in ten males dropout between the ages of 16 to 24 are either in prison or juvenile detention. It’s estimated that incarceration costs Maryland taxpayers approximately $38,000 per inmate annually, with approximately $300 million each year being spent on incarcerating people from Baltimore City.

The HTP Homes learn and earn model of skills training leading to employment opportunities and sustainable wages, strengthens families, increases tax revenue and contributes to reducing recidivism.  At the same time, revitalizing housing in underfunded Baltimore City neighborhoods provides opportunities for home ownership. Our goal is to re-engage Baltimore City youth into building their neighborhoods by building themselves.  



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