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Friends of the Huckleberry Trail, Inc. 

Since 1993, Friends of the Huckleberry (a 501c3 non-profit) has worked in partnership with local communities and governments to promote, fund, construct, maintain, and encourage the use of the Huckleberry Trail.  Friends also provides information about the trail systems to local residents and visitors alike through its website and maps. 

Funding Priorities for 2021

  • Mileage Markers:  Provide new mileage markers for the newest segments of trail, including Huckleberry North and Huckleberry South. 
  • Printed and Electronic Maps:  Produce a printed and electronic map for trip planning and navigational purposes. The map will showcase the Huckleberry Trail System plus all of the paved and natural surface trails that connect with the Huckleberry Trail. 
  • Prices Fork Bridge.  The Huckleberry Trail crosses the four-lane Prices Fork Road at a signalized crossing, and for families with young children, it's not the most comfortable crossing.  We are running a multi-year campaign to raise funds to cost share the construction of the bridge with the Town of Blacksburg. 

The Huckleberry Trail


The Huckleberry Trail is a paved trail system that extends almost 15 miles through rolling terrain and passes through Blacksburg, Virginia Tech, Montgomery County, and Christiansburg. The trail offers a way for pedestrians and bicyclists to reach a number of recreational, cultural, and commercial attractions in the area.

The trail consists of the following segments: 

  • Huckleberry Trail: The original 8.3-mile paved trail runs between Blacksburg and Christiansburg, through Virginia Tech and Montgomery County and through residential, agricultural, forested and commercial areas. 
  • Huckleberry North: The 5-mile paved trail runs from the Huckleberry Trail roundabout located on the west side of the tunnel under Route 460 and Blacksburg’s Gateway Park. The trail runs through agricultural and residential areas and connects to the Gateway Trail and the trail system in the National Forest. 
  • Huckleberry South: The 1-mile + segment runs between Cambria Street and the Christiansburg High School in Christiansburg through commercial and residential areas. The goal is to extend Huckleberry South into Downtown Christiansburg. 

The Huckleberry Trail is connected to other paved and natural surface trail systems, like the Coal Mining Heritage Park, Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center trails, McDonald Hollow trails (opening in spring 2021), Gateway Trail and Poverty Creek Trail System. The entirely connected paved and natural surface trail system extends over 50 miles. 

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