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Our Vision

We envision one garden every mile in our region.  We envision a region where all people can eat delicious, nutritious, fresh, local, sustainably produced and just food.We envision farming, healthy food access, sustainable production and distribution, nutrition education, and economic development addressing complex regional health issues.

Our Goal

  • We want to see garden members, who are everyday people in the Inland Valley, working actively to build the Inland Valley/region/society they want to see.
  • We want to nurture research by Inland Valley youth and adults about environmental detriments and their solutions.
  • We want Huerta del Valle to be a space for building analysis and capacity for action.
  • We want Huerta del Valle to be a training center to grow the crop of committed individuals who can make “the garden every mile” a reality and shift the food system in our region toward a healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and just one.

The Approach

  • Facilitate the growth of a local sustainable food system through urban agriculture and new farmer training.
  • Create dignified, educative, community health and development centered employment and leadership opportunities for Inland Valley youth and adults.
  • Develop replicable local practices for economic and environmental justice
  • Employ farmers
  • Demonstrate agriculture programs
  • Improve Huerta del Valle as an affordable retail site for low-income people.
  • Operate a 124 families community garden
  • Compost local food waste
  • Grow economic development from farming
  • Provide land and means to grow to farmers.
  • Educate community members about ecology, sustainability, nutrition and associated health benefits
  • Build local markets to put healthy, organic food onto the plates of community members.
  • Expand within our community and other local communities

With your support we will be able to reach our goals. Thank you for all you do! 

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