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We work to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to restore lives to God, transform communities through the love of Christ, and change nations through the power of the Holy Spirit.


We help to establish and foster congregations by constructing permanent churches and church-orphanages, and we equip believers to become evangelists through a comprehensive, multi-year bible study curriculum, translated and localized for the language groups we work with.

When a person is restored to God they change. Responsibility and compassion become priorities as their behavior begins to align with His purpose for their lives. Nurtured in their faith they reach out to those around them impacting their community for Christ. As communities are transformed, entire nations can be reached and changed for Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. This is the mission of ICM --- to support Church growth and the equipping of followers of Christ.

When a church is built in a rural area it becomes so much more than just a place of worship. Churches become centers from which community ministry happens in many ways --- they become schools, places of shelter & security, centers for skills training. Once a church is built other organizations often arrive to dig wells, dispense medical care or provide humanitarian relief. When a church is built, the full purpose of the Church unfolds – bringing glory to Jesus Christ while serving the local community in practical, meaningful ways.


Why invest in the Kingdom through ICM?

  • 100% of your designated donation goes to the work - none of your gift goes to overhead or salaries
  • Every $2 is matched with another $1 - a $50 gift becomes $75!
  • Every church we build is required to plant 5 new congregations multiplying the impact of your gift
  • To accomplish the work cost-effectively & quickly we partner with over 150 in-country organizations
  • There is no better investment than the Kingdom!


Join with us as we help spread the Gospel through the world by building churches and nurturing believers. Where is your heart? We're there!

A few of the countries we work in: Tanzania | Colombia | Uganda | Haiti | Vietnam | Ethiopia | Ghana | India | China | Peru | Russia | Brazil | Ukraine | Sudan | Myanmar | Costa Rica ... and many more.

Find a team to join or start your own team. Identify the country you'd like to support (visit the link below) with a new church project and raise the money to restore lives, transform communities and even, change a nation.

Any amount you raise is beautiful! You don't have to raise the entire amount for a project. We're just thrilled you want to help.

A new church building costs anywhere from $10,000 to over $30,000 depending on the area of the world. If you'd like to see a list of current opportunities follow this link and learn more about ICM and where we work --- ICM Country Opportunities.

Every dollar you provide will go into a church building - ICM ensures that 100% of donations go to projects! Furthering the growth of the Church is important in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ ... and so we build!


About ICM:

In its first 25 years, ICM has grown from building a single church in India to thousands of churches in more than 60 countries. We provide the financial resources to build churches, and the materials to nurturing believers in their walk with Christ, equipping them to reach their communities for His Kingdom. ICM is a tax-exempt public charity – 501(c)(3) – all donations are tax deductible.

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