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Gold was discovered in the Boise Basin in 1862 and the race was on. Thousands came. They went for the gold with shovels, hydraulic giants and dredges. They built towns overnight. Then, they moved on, leaving behind piles of rocks and beautiful buildings as signs of their passing.

Since 1958, the Idaho City Historical Foundation has pioneered the preservation efforts to safeguard the historic buildings of Idaho City and to educate the public on the dynamic early days of the gold camps.  Your donation makes it possible for the Foundation to continue to maintain its current buildings and programs. Most importantly, it makes it possible for the Foundation to create new opportunities for the public to experience their own "gold fever".

Currently, the Foundation:

Operates a museum and conducts tours,

Pays for upkeep on three parks,

Oversees the preservation of the Pioneer Cemetery,

Preserves and maintains two small residences, the fire pump station, the Pest House, Blacksmith Shop display, the Strauss House and grounds, the Pon Yam House and the Idaho Territorial Prison.

With your help, the Foundation can:

Continue our work to turn the Pon Yam House, the only remaining building from Idaho City's Chinese population, into a premier resource center commemorating the contributions the Chinese made to Idaho history,

Create a Wildfire Management Museum/Smokejumper Exhibit inside the Strauss House/Kenn Smith residence,

Design and construct a Mining History Trail to display the equipment used to extract the gold,

And utilize new technology to present history to visitors.

Please join us by making your donation an historic one. Thank you.

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