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Since 1953, the Idaho Youth Ranch has healed over 31,500 broken hearts. We teach our kids to have the courage to forge their journey and transform the pain and despair of childhood trauma into hope for a promising future. 

Those children whose tender lives came to the Idaho Youth Ranch learned to cope with their feelings, heal from their pain, and develop skills that will make them stronger adults and future leaders. However, for every young person, we help, there are ten more that need us. Idaho Youth Ranch is growing to meet the needs of these kids.

At its ranch home in Rupert, the Idaho Youth Ranch and its donors provided much-needed care for Idaho’s most vulnerable kids for 63 years. From its humble beginnings in a small farmhouse, the Ranch grew to add working fields, barns for the animals, rooms for the children we sheltered, and space for them to grow.

Today, Idaho Youth Ranch serves over 2,000 families per year through our YouthWorks! Adoption services, family outpatient services, residential programs like Hays Shelter Home, crisis hotline, resource coordinator, and much more. 

We need your help to grow. Join us and help stop the cycle of abuse and homelessness in Idaho. Together, we can give our most vulnerable citizens a promising future, one kid at a time. 


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