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  • What is "Give $10 FOR ED-ucation"?

Our campaign for Idaho Gives is "Give $10 FOR ED-ucation". We know people in our community understand the importance of education. And this is our chance to make a difference. We decided that if we could set a goal to raise just $10 on behalf of every student in our District on May 5th, we could have a BIG impact in our schools next year.

  • A little history about our foundation:

The Education Foundation was formed in the 1990’s with a mission to help enhance student learning by providing funding for gaps in education. Our foundation – more than ever – realizes we need to work hard to help provide even more funding for our district.

  • What areas has our foundation raised money for in the past?

Enhancing literacy in our schools and community, Classroom Grants, scholarships, and programs.    

  •  Now you're asking...Where do I come to donate?

On May 5 from 12am to 11:59pm, we are trying to hit our goal of $10 on behalf of every student in our district. We will be using as many resources as we can-including radio, television, and newspaper and social media in order to promote this day of giving! This way, throughout the day, you, me, and everyone else can watch the donations come in at real time right here on this web page! If you are too busy to donate on May 5, feel free to donate right now! 

We hope that you will participate in this great cause!

Because Education Matters! 



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