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Every year, millions of people are forcibly displaced from their homes, lands and livelihoods to make way for large investment projects. These mega-dams, industrial plantations, and mines are often touted as “development.” Yet in practice, they bring huge profits to investors, while providing few local benefits.  Disenfranchised from decision-making, poor communities are forced to shoulder the costs of these projects as their environments are ravaged and they are thrust into deeper poverty.  

Inclusive Development International was launched to support communities to hold their ground.


We partner with local communities around the world to defend their human rights against threats emanating from harmful investment projects.  We help grassroots advocates follow the money to unravel the web of corporate and financial actors that enable and profit from these projects.  And then we work with affected communities over the long haul to defend their rights by holding these actors accountable through multi-faceted campaigns and legal strategies.

Together with our partners on the ground, we have obtained dramatic gains for tens of thousands of families, including stopping land grabs and forest destruction, halting forced evictions and securing land titles for communities, and obtaining multi-million dollar reparations packages.  


From villages in Myanmar defending their land and forests from industrial palm oil plantations, to communities in Guinea demanding a fair share of their mineral resources from multinational mining companies, and the grassroots movement in the Philippines on the front lines of the battle for climate justice - our work in solidarity with these environmental and human rights defenders is only possible because of donations from people like you.  

With your support, we will be able to help millions more people defend their land and homes and protect the planet for future generations.  

Please donate now and check out our website for updates on work.

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