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Independent Living Partnership (ILP) is committed to the empowerment of older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers through collaborative and cooperative partnering with public and private organizations, agencies and businesses to implement programs and activities that motivate, educate, and promote the maintenance of a healthy and independent life style. Since 1993, ILP has provided 1.6 million trips for residents of Riverside County who otherwise would not have been able to get to medical appointments or travel for other life sustaining and life enriching purposes. These residents do not drive, do not have family to assist them and are not able to use existing public transportation options due to severe health and mobility impairments.

During March 2014, 350 surveys were completed by TRIP riders who used the service during the month. 

  • 98.9% of the survey respondents asserted that TRIP helped to make sure that they were able to get to medical appointments
  • According to 67.4% of the respondents, their health is better “because of TRIP”
  • TRIP transportation assistance was reported to have decreased levels of stress by 89.4% of the riders, mostly because they no longer worried about being able to get to places they needed to go
  • 57.1% said they were “happier”
  • and 52.3% said that TRIP gave them “more freedom”.
  • Read the full report at:

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